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Human Resources

The Company’s staff is extremely important, if not most important, in rendering this type of services, as they possess knowledge, experience, abilities and commitment necessary for this specific kind of work. The strength of  euroservice lies in our human resources consisting of experienced experts and inspectors as well as traders. Some of them have almost 30-years’ experience of work in this sector of specialist services, both in Poland and abroad. The professionalism of our staff combined with the implemented quality management system complying with ISO 9001:2000 guarantees the high level of our services. 

The requirements set for our candidates refer both to the professional preparation, education and specific qualities of personality. Their work is often conducted in stressful conditions, under the pressure of time and the participants of reloading operations, carriers and forwarders. In such conditions our inspector or expert has to be able to assess the situation and take correct decisions in an unbiased manner. Any mistakes may have far-reaching consequences. Moreover, an expert needs to have a good command of foreign languages, at least English, and has to be physically fit, as control activities often require reaching at inaccessible places and in adverse weather conditions.


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